AFN Disenfranchised Aboriginals

Page 2 of the paper, after the cover claims Aboriginal outside of AFN claimed territory, like cities.  This would seem to be the point.  The study, however, excludes Aboriginals outside AFN claimed territories; says it is a response to global issues and lobbies, is scientific and most important, it is a baseline.

We need access to band ‘member’ lists going back to AFN inception and takeover of Aboriginals’ lives. We need a study of where they went and what happened to them. 
No notices were sent to any Aboriginals ‘off reserve,’ much like voting or participation. 

The study is not inclusive and seems to reinforce AFN disenfranchisement of Aboriginals and claim free Aboriginals at the same time – ‘citizens’ the AFN cleansed. 

More on the response paper later.


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