Not In Vain

AFN saying it’s okay to use this murder. Its not colonials. It’s AFN asking for money. Bad living conditions, starvation,abuse and death. More money. Of course, to publish a chief’s salary was a war. Accountability – more colonials telling us what to do. Voting, disenfranchisement and abuse. It’s AFN , no one else. The problem? The victim wasn’t worth enough money – take her away. Disenfranchisement can take many forms. Too young to understand. As Spence said ‘take care of it.’
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Federal Minister Denies Indigenous People Land

Her statement is, basically, a land claim assertion. She knows she is denying the land she claims to Aboriginals. This, apparently, seems to be the only reason she is there. The only thing exceptional is this has recently been provincial. Like the premiers,for example, wynne, she cuts vital programs.

Main health concern in Canada? Poverty.
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AFN Should Not Control Aboriginal Education

AFN track record is one of mismanagement and unaccoutability. Recent agreements by provinces to assume funds of Aboriginal lives,like healthcare, make the AFN more willing to deal with the federal government in Aboriginal education because provincial AFN educatiinal agreements take funding away from AFN and gives that money to NDP and provincial employees. The federal Aboriginal education is a goal of the AFN and NDP. Aboriginal disenfranchisement by the AFN and provinces will continue if either assumes Aboriginal education.
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BC Facilitates Aboriginal Barring From Resources

The treaties between the Province and AFN are irrelevent to majority Aboriginals.  Federal consultations have been taken over by the province.  While the federal government may approve treaties, majority Aboriginals were never consulted.

Indigenous lands and waters remain what they are, regardless of AFN or provincial land claims and grants.  Majority Aboriginals have no recourse, except the PMO.  Confederation is a demand by the AFN and they prefer the provincial models as this divides Aboriginals for the minority AFN and furthers Aboriginal disenfranchisement by the AFN.

AFN – INM Declares Soviergnty And Territoriality

and grassroots.  Non violence was declared and direct action redefined.  Late.

All the lands and seas are used by Indigenous peoples.  The first peoples were not the AFN or territorial claims by them or land grants from the crowns.  Permission was probably needed,even for Aboriginals or AFN banded Aboriginals to travel freely and use resources.  The Pow wow definition reminds of colonialism, trade routes and trading.

So, what is the real difference between the four?

Notes on bicycle lobbying:

Majority Aboriginals Need Equal Rights To AFN

There was no equal offers or consultation with majority Aboriginals.  Excused with federal consultations – that is the only alternative for majority Aboriginals.  Hopefully there will be less assaults by AFN,NDP and Liberals as majority Aboriginals use the only resource available.  The PMO will have to discharge his duties.!/ccomment