AFN Assumption of Aboriginal Criminal Justice

Most Aboriginals are not AFN, regardless of assignment,assumption by third parties like AFN and disenfranchisement.  The AFN is a small majority that practices racial purity – laws they have built and changed, Aboriginal abuse and active disenfranchisement of ‘undesireables’ – recently in concert with new agreements with provinces.

The appointments of non AFN Aboriginals to this new ‘nationhood’ Aboriginal criminal justice is justified on ‘problems’ with the AFN and AFN territoriality that abrogates Aboriginal equal rights.  At the same time, the just published AFN bio study lays claim to all Aboriginals, but does not include thriving Aboriginal communities outside AFN territorial claims.  Many are Aboriginals disenfranchised and abused by the AFN.  Undesireable in the bio paper’s work and to the AFN.  Government law is another way for the AFN to disenfranchise ‘undesireable’ Aboriginals and put free Aboriginals under the AFN nation’s legal and criminal control.  This puts all Aboriginals under the legal and criminal control under AFN minority.  An aggressive and legal control over ‘its citizens ‘ many of whom the AFN has abused.  The governments’ logic is discriminatory, usurpory and wrong.


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