Special Interest: Self Identification

I’ d wonder, again about who, exactly, were ‘consultants’ hired by AFN to create the AFN party coming out during the AFN – INM faction treatying with the NDP and Liberal parties. In addition, who are the ‘stataticians’ who were allowed to ‘parse’ and compare detailed, hand written census information provided by each individual over two census’? Who are the ‘Aboriginal leaders’ making all the empowerment impact claims? Does CAP have any racial purity requirements? Is self identification enough or does it cost?

Maybe we’re seeing a difference between mandatory census responses and voluntary census in both a trusting and punitive way, but it’s all good – for special interest. Mandatory long form is coding to many Aboriginals. Maybe we’re seeing more trust with its elimination?

There are a lot of claims to Aboriginals being successful in self actualizing. Much can be explained by AFN abuse and disenfranchisement of Aboriginals and moves to major cities to survive. As Aboriginals fled third party ‘management’ in the past they are fleeing AFN now and looking for leadership and life. Political parties and provinces help and take away Aboriginal rights as they do.



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