AFN – INM and AFN – Treaty

As AFN moves back to a more federalist faction with recent AFN treaties with provinces, the timing is planned, not some horrible split at AFN.  Asserting AFN claims to documents by name is ridiculous for an organizatiin that’s abour 35, even with six nation affiliations.

Treatying, like AFN territoriality claims, are how Aboriginals aredivided and put in lesser numbers; something advantagous to the AFN and governments benefiting AFN.

Indigenous Canadians have been here for 10s of thousands of years and are not the result of recent migrations, colonies, treaties and governments.  Canadian Aboriginals roamed and used resources all over North America.  This is evident in genetic anthropology and in ways of living passed down as survival.  Recent migrations,like the BC coastal claim, Europeans, Confederation and the First Nations show what indigenous persons actually were; nomadic and using all resources to thrive and grow, until territorial colionialists asserted control over resources.  So, how is a salmon oil?  How is a plant a diamond? A horse a ski doo?


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