AFN Racial Purity Laws

Sure doubt other peoples’ words about their admission to being Aboriginal.  The AFN should employ genetic testing to prove these ‘halfs’ and ‘quarters?’  The answer can be disappointing as genetic archeology may point to recent migrations rather than Indigenous North Americans as all studies do in coastal areas like BC and The North.  As this actor is doubted, perhaps better to use family lines in AFN proving racial purity?  Why change the racial purity laws?

AFN wanted to claim Tonto as it claims everything else Aboriginal going back hundreds of years, but most of AFN claimed histories are colony land grants from the Crown; same as AFN cultural assertions – Tonto is more entertaining.

I haven’t seen the movie and will probably wait for Rogers movies to show it on PPV.  I would judge it by the actor and the special effects.  Those are already five stars.


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