AFN Racial Purity Required to Study Language, Culture

‘Community.’  The first thing to do would be to create a training manual, especially for the camp immersions.  What are they teaching adults and children at immersion camps?  Who is teaching?  What are the inputs and outcomes?  What, really, is being taught in what, often, can be a culture shocking experience?

A BC AFN just completed a genetic paper, which asserts that the colonies are actually very recent successful migrations.  This isn’t a surprise, but the method might have been to those who didn’t understand migrations and exclusions.  For example, China appears excluded to North American Aboriginals, but arguements cannot explain how indigenous North Americans came to the continent out of Africa.  Apparently, no farther north than Russia and not ‘Polynesian’ or Hawaii, the West coast, although recent migration theory, like 2012, has a migration out of China down the west coast,but fails to explain migratory genetics and, older, non China migration Aboriginals graves in California.

Now, think language instead of genetics.  Instead of a paper, immersion from the AFN.  Less surprises, but, as Aboriginal languages are documented, opened to all for study and scientifically examined we will practice some (new term: ‘idiom archeology.’) – More fun!

As far as the language, its speakers and ancestors have an extremely high genetic indicator (new term:  exclusionary migration’) of being actual indigenius persons. Haplogroup X is worth some research.

While trying to find an original paper, 1985/6, on founding genetics I ran into an ‘island founder effect’ that is interesting to the BC AFN paper.  I’ll be researching more language material to get up to speed as more Aboriginal languages are published.


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