Problem with Aboriginal Child Welfare?

Money for employees.  Like most destitute and in poverty, those who provide services want a percentage of what should be going directly to beneficiaries.  The most vulnerable are treated the same, many arguements, but bottom line is employees want more money or more of the income stream that is supposed to be available. Provinces just cut off AFN beneficiaries, disenfranchising even more, in agreement with AFN.  AFN – INM just agreed to hand over education to the provinces (from AFM direct payment mismanagement) and the NDP, which drives these employee, usually government, seizures of beneficiaries direct benefits.  Half welfare beneficiaries direct benefit goes to these employees and ‘service’ providers.  Blood from a stone.

A request for quotes needs to go out and benefits need to be 100% beneficiary.  Did anyone treat the most vulnerable any different from other beneficiaries?


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