‘A First Nations Registry’

Aboriginals banded for life to the AFN have no choice, but to use their banded status if they need benefits.  For example, in Ontario if you need drugs, like cancer, AIDS, or other life sustaining or disease maintenance drugs; an AFN banded Aboriginal pays based on status insurance.  Most other health issues are covered by the province as any other person.  In this case, I assume the insurance information was gathered based on Aboriginal AFN status ‘card’ use by those requiring health care.  It is unclear if the card had to be used to have their information published by the AFN and the province.  It is also possible that, once identified by the province as an AFN banded Aboriginal, these Aboriginals were identified system wide as Aboriginals, regardless of how health benefits were utilized – provincially or ‘the card.’

Regardless of how – it appears Aboriginals seeking life saving health care were singled out by the province for publication.  Territorial arguments can be irrelevent, depending on the AFN banding list and disenfranchisement of Aboriginals by the AFN.

Its nice the chief is a ‘health nut,’ but I’m not sure his actions are beneficial to positive Aboriginal outcomes.  He needs to define what the AFN requirements are for an AFN cultural lifestyle.  Seems he is making cultish, nebulous demands of Aboriginals to live the ‘AFN lifestyle’ or punitive actions are taken.  ‘It’s expensive’ is obvious.  AFN is making a move to administer Aboriginal healthcare like BC?

The AFN and province have taken advantage of Aboriginals again, not land claims, but needed health care.  Every Aboriginal needs to know what happened here, especially AFN banded Aboriginals and the destruction of Aboriginal rights by the AFN and provinces.



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