History: At the Expense of Aboriginals

So, like healthcare, we are supposed to applaud a province’s history of AFN ‘breakthroughs’ by a noble person interested in Aboriginals welfare.  Inspired by visits to the people who also fall under his jurisdiction.

AFN has practiced racial purity for 30 years.  AFN has disenfranchised thousands of Aboriginals.  AFN has abused Aboriginal rights.  Land claims are convenient because it is obvious that all Aboriginals have equal rights regardless of AFN claims and provincial boundaries.  By subjugating Aboriginal federal rights through AFN territorial claims and ‘treatying,’ the provinces have barred the majority and awarded, through the crowns, more Aboriginal lands to the minority – the AFN.

Did he know back then, as Aboriginals were disenfranchised by the AFN, that banded Aboriginals are banded for life with no transfers or free resource use?  Non banded Aboriginals had no rights at all.

Barred for life from using Aboriginal resources that Indigenous people have been using for tens of thousands of years, at the least.



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