AFN Unilateral Assumption

Factions as AFN moves through condederation reaching provincial limits of territorial aquisition.  Factiins luke AFN – INM and AFN – Treaty are less a reflection of AFN organizational success as a movement from provincial territorial aquisition saturation back to federal agreements.

The AFN and the world are forgetting majority Aboriginals abused and disenfranchised by the AFN, especially during the recent massive drive by the AFN for territorial grants from the crowns and assumption of Indigenous resources.  Like the AFN factional move to federal aquisition of monies meant to benefit Aboriginals, the AFN will count the banded again and Aboriginals with new status as their own, as long as AFN doesn’t deal with them directly, but gets monies for administration to them, like health care.  The disenfranchised are suddenly ‘members’ and there is some room for those who ‘self identified.’

The AFN holds more Aboriginal abuse, mismanagement and fraud of Aboriginal monies and programs and disenfranchisement of Aboriginals.


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