AFN Is The Minority

with a record of Aboriginal abuse, mismanagement and Aboriginal disenfranchisement. AFN – Treaty faction has come out as a special interest after all the provincial treatying and crown land grants. The agenda, like AFN – INM faction’s drive for ‘grassroots’ inclusion to hide the fact that AFN is the minority, is obvious when anyone takes a cursory, close look at what the AFN is and does.

It’s impossible for AFN to hide. AFN dealings were not done with the majority of Aboriginals or even Aboriginals banded to and claimed by the AFN. In fact, those dealings disenfranchise Aboriginals and bar them from their indigenous lands. Most recently, the dealings have been economic with a few,powerful AFN families benefiting by committing fraud. An example of these economic dealings would be cutting off welfare benefits for poor Aboriginals, forcing them to relocate where they can survive.
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