NGO/CSO s Find Volunteer Opportunities Through Networks

Our guess is this is the same network that organizations like Peace Brigades and Makers find ‘protection’ work through community colleges,like George Brown overseas student placers and course work; including seminars, and provincial employee networks,possibly connected at the premiere level. We think this because of experiences with these networks and radicalization. In addition, there were ‘consultants’ hired by the AFN – INM faction. We’re back with provinces affecting Aboriginal lives, most recently with provincial- AFN land and business grants.

Analysis and opinions aside, we’d wonder about the qualifications of the volunteer workers. Are they trained in any mental health disciplines? Are they certified by any medical community? Do they hold degrees and licenses to practice? Are they just psychology students or licensed psychiatrists? If they are being provided these volunteer worker placements to learn and report; where is the benefit to the community? Do they have enhanced background checks for working with vulnerable persons? What do they hope to learn from the AFN? Do they agree with AFN racial purity laws and disenfranchisement? Do we get to read their learning objectives and academic reports? Do they ascribe to special interest lobbies?

Experience dictates this is more a usary arrangement than an effort to help. The questions above are basics of international placements and we’d recommend a complete volunteer worker profile, like, for example; resumes, criminal background checks from their home countries, formal placing and learning agreements, memorandums of understanding for the placing agency and the AFN, volunteer worker expectations, description of service and work, scope of work, managerial heirarchy and authorities, recommendations for volunteer workers and placers, housing and hosting agreements, payment agreements, return to home country travel guarantees,funding agreements and sustainabilty,funder agreements,letters of intent and plans for work. These, once again, are basics of international volunteer placements.

Overseas teaching English sounds familiar.

Being familiar with this work and no transparent information being offered; we would place this on hold until, at least, the above fundamentals are created and published by the two parties and, possibly, the province – even if the role is just ‘consultancy.’

This should be considered a professional warning.
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