UN Review Special Interest

The review seemed compromised to special interest groups and gender, specifically, has been a foreign policy sub agenda and funding source for the last 15 years in foreign aid, especially from the US. All this aside, Canada did respond to this special interest lobby with a committee that, apparently, secrets its meetings and affects – suffering from a lack of openess. Apparently, the AFN and its assertive control over Aboriginals appears to have no consideration, making finding actual causes impossible.

The concern should include all Aboriginals and AFN’s disenfranchisement of them and the consequences of this process. For example, AFN’s use of civil society, law enforcement, radicalization and violence.

The trend of AFN and provincial land grants seems to have slowed as the AFN now champions treaties. AFN – INM was another Aboriginal damaging AFN faction that was used as a ‘grass roots’ generator co opted to special interests, not addressing majority Aboriginals and Canadians.

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