AFN Disengranchised Aboriginals: Microfinance!

The Congress seems to be more of an AFN catchment for Aboriginals AFN has abused and disenfranchised than help for the new ‘status’ Aboriginals approved by the federal government. Microfinance is a value judgement in that it is referred to as a ‘hand up,’ not the implied ‘handout.’ This, combined with stigmatizing Aboriginals as ‘off the reserve,’ regardless of the new status Aboriginals, seems to make microfinance the final resting place for AFN disenfranchised Aboriginals. Regardless of the ‘help’ being offered, Aboriginals need to assert their rights federally at the PMO.

Having 20 years experience in microfinance, its not much of an increase in standard of living, but might be more than welfare, something the AFN tried to cut along with the Provinces, disenfranchising more Aboriginals. Once again, a value judgement of the ‘undesireable,’ poor who, they believe, are chronic.

Assert your rights at the PMO.;_ylt=A2KLOzFKdEZS4WkAI6lEDex_
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