AFN Treatying with Federal Government Regionalized by Province

Not new, as, BC especially, has moved to work with the AFN with federal approval an end product formality. BC, in this case, seems to be a more formality as AFN asserts Aboriginals’ federal mandate – the new treatying push leaning more on federal than the AFN- INM faction ending of the AFN Provincial, especially land grants, push.

The MOU cited appears to be more environmental than land and water grants, which makes sense considering AFN’s recent Provincial push and AFN traditional dealings with the federal govenment – environmental claims leading to land and water claims.

No MOU available in the article. Does the MOU bar Aboriginals, especially AFN life banded Aboriginals, from any lands and waters, AFN – Provincial dealings would indicate a yes, but, hopefully, the federal govetnment was able to limit this.

The problem isn’t unilateral legislation. The problem is the minority AFN taking unilateral action for Aboriginals it claims to represent, but has disenfranchised and abused the majority they claim administration to ~
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