Regionalization of Majority Aboriginals

Like, BC, we assume this group gets a rubber stamp from the federal government and is more a grab for some of the action ($) the AFN gets. The AFN – INM treaty, NDP and Provincial education should sound familiar. In Ontario the Liberals sit at the top and let the parties go after each waiting for pleasing special interests based on controlling finances.

Aboriginals have always had a federal manfate, regardless of AFN and Provincial greed. It makes more sense to handle Aboriginal issues cutting out middlepersons like the AFN, Provinces and NDP, especially resource issues where majority Aboriginals are disenfranchised by the middlepersons. Greed and quiet agreement to disenfranchise – more cash for us. Federal mandates and AFN and Provincial greed excused in territoriality. Lands and seas were always used by Indigenious persons, regardless of recent colonial crown land gants and Avoriginal barring by the AFN.

Federal, direct, cash compensations to majority Aboriginals are necessary and this will also serve to streamline business, although ‘communities’ will continue to trend for cash from their ‘back yards.’ AFN is the Aboriginal minoriy, so towns, cities and families will continue to lay claims.

We demand the elimination of the AFN as any type of administrator to Aboriginals. Aboriginal abuse, corruption and Aboriginal disenfranchisement.
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