Taxes and Majority Aboriginals

The timeline explains cowns taxes and how Aboriginals lost relying on the crowns to benefit Aboriginals from the top down. Recently, this has been evidenced by provincial crowns deals and management by the corrupt AFN. This should remind of Aboriginal education in the past as greedy provinces assert control with AFN of Aboriginal education funding and government jobs.

Aboriginals cannot enforce crowns taxes when provinces refuse to pay federal, for example resource, taxes. Top down can’t work if the top isn’t collecting, regardless of excuses in balancing for excuses that go back to Canadian confederation as AFN does so; municipalities, as the AFN has, are asserting more direct control, claiming the same top down arguement the crowns higher up in the tax structure have for years. Like the AFN, this reduces direct benefits to individuals by region and number of qualifying members as the municipalities take more of the direct benefits for services, like welfare, they claim for funding and employing government service providers.

Majority Aboriginals need federal direct benefits without third parties like the corrupt, abusive and disenfranchising AFN. This works because, in the past, before the AFN and provinces middlemen took the direct benefits away from individuals, the system was surviveable. It is no longer as we see Aboriginals spiral back into squallored lives with the minority AFN corrupting most benefits. Open data or open government requests of the AFN by crowns is not due diligence. Direct, federal benefits to individual Aboriginals is a need now, not a luxury for the crowns.
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