High Risk List:

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Bad Seed

AFN banded Aboriginals are not allowed to participate and use lands claimed by other AFNs they have not been asigned. Each AFN assignment is for life and the following generations. In addition, AFN racial purity laws must be complied with. So, even if an Aboriginal is free from the AFN – they are barred from it. This job service forces applicants to be 100% AFN compliant. There are many Aboriginal communites outside AFN claims with many AFN disenfranchised and free Aboriginals. This job service bars them.

Perhaps a federal system first and regional second, but the service has failed to recognize Indigenous rights – all over Canada; with jobs instead of lands and waters.

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Bill C 9 Demands a Vote

It is fundamental and basic change to those under forced AFN governenance. Every Aboriginal under AFN must be notified and allowed to vote, especially the disenfranchised. Band lists going back to 1985 have to be audited for compliance.

We demand a vote!

Imagen Presidential term limits voided. ‘Heridatory’ chiefs treated as colonial Kings and Queens. The Senate abolished because of no term limits.

The NDP is rewarding those in AFN powers for treatying with AFN – INM faction. The liberals will agree, as long as they control provincial purse strings with unelected Premiers and their organs. Political parties, like the AFN, excusing themselves with Parliamentary governance.

We demand a vote!

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Indigenous Canadian Participation Bypassed

Since resources are integral, Indigenous participation should be allowed, but, as we see with fishing resources, Indigenous Canadians have been completely discounted and relegated to greedy and unwilling Provinces. Federal programs are being handed down to Provinces as Indigenous Canadian federal programs are discounted or ceased. Opportunities lost that can only be reconciled by audits and financial compensations directly to each Aboriginal, bypassing third parties, which are corrupt and abusive – like the AFN.

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Aboriginal Consultations Bypassed

Federal funds to a Province who won’t pay federal resource taxes or allow Aboriginal participation. These regional resource issues and federal participation provide a unique opportunity to acknowledge Indigenous Canadian resource rights. Like the oil, this can only be reconciled by an audit backing out investment claims due, partially, to lack of Indigenous Canadian participation.

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