Ancien Canada?

Indigenous Canadians have’nt changed in tens of thousands of years.  We’re still here. Still the same.  Migration after migration.  Successful colonies and migrations have called themselves First Nations, First governments, First civility, First culture, First great spirits and on.

The article proposes a newer ‘arctic’ theory, but, back to the year First Nations was formed, the genetic signature of Indigenous Canadians has been known.  It is called Haplo group X.  Immigrations usually are identified to about 3000 and, as we begin, again, defining what Indigenous means, migrations are being pushed to 15,000, like recent Indigenous discoveries.  That facts won’t change and we should not attempt to make Aboriginals something they’re not even though compliance with familiar methods of settlement make this tempting.  Indigenous losses have increased alarmingly in the last ten years, but nothing has changed.  It is, now, just First Nations, as opposed to first or Indigenous peoples, making claims. This is a familiar pattern and method for settlement and seizing…..


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