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Just Joking about Space Aliens

Unless it’s terrestrial martian life forms leaving mars before global warming disappeared mars’ aptmosphere…….

Missing Markers

Whats missing is ‘Siberian’ markers as opposed to ‘Asian,’ which may be inclusive of each other and missing from ‘Aboriginals in North America.  First we have to determine what other markers are missing and, in the case of the ‘land bridge’ theory, whether or not the Aborinals sampled are Indigenous- from the first migration.  In addition, ‘Siberian marker’ may not be excluive to a seperate, originating, European migration.  The West Coast assumption is to include Haplo group x or first peoples migration in the ‘land bridge’ theory while Indigenous people were most probably all over North America before te ‘land bridge’ migratin and possibly interacting at the oasis from areas like the great lakes, depending on weather and food.

We need to know what the markers, like ‘Siberian’ and ‘Asian,’ are and their exclusivity to Indigenous first peoples, first migration.

Indigenous Representation

Groups like the AFN claim to represent Indigenous people, but are their oppressors.  They use their ‘governments’ and parties to disenfranchise Aboriginals and Indigenous people. They are barred from lands by the AFN as they seize from crown grants.

The AFN is the minority and, often not representative in most ways of Indigenous people.  The UN shouldn’t deal with them as history is showing in, for example, AFN racial purity laws.