‘First Immigrants’

Not sure what they mean by Asia.  Genetic theory pretty much has indigenous North Americans origin migration out of Africa, North into was is Russia stopping at China, ‘refugium ing’ at the Russian steppes and going left to North America.  How is still a mystery, although many scientists find the ‘land bridge’ migration theory convenient. 

The ‘Beringians’ sounds more like Atlantis.  If ‘Berigingia’ had surfaced several times it would make more sense, bit scientists have completely discounted this in time constraints.  It would also make more sense as an oasis for Indigenous North Americans and as a genetic meeting of Indigenous people and subsequent migrations.

The ‘Beringia Standstill’ theory makes sense for secondary migrations.  This theory may be valid for Estonians, but the North American ‘native genetics’ are probably not indigenous from the origin migration.  Were they Haplogroup X?  We assume ‘Asian genetics’ were missing, but we would need to know others were missing too.  mDNA and not mtDNA an indication of the age of the study?

There are other theories for the origin migration of Indigenous North Americans.  South America.  Canoes from Europe, like the UK.  How and when did Indigenous North Americans get from ‘Europe,’ skipping ‘Asia’ genetics to North America?  The ‘land bridge’ people seems only to accept secondary and recent migrations.  It seems to explain North America as, originally, with lower water levels, as larger than once thought based on secondary migrations theories like the lost Beringia (ns).  Maybe a movie……..




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