Geographic Blank Checks

Something the AFN is used and wants more of especially in education and health.  More money to fewer people with no accountabiity.  Instead its a Quebec example.

The best jobs are in government.  A university education means more.  Training can be more specific.  More people participating in government making Canada fresh and vital in the world.  We’ve proposed over the last 15 years government service opportunity.  Government jobs should be no more than 3 year contracts that allow re application for more government work after the three years.  For example, one could start with city parks and recreation, move to provincial environment files and, later, to foreign service.  These jobs could go on for twenty years with breaks if wanted and transferred into pensions.  Many more can serve rather than a city counil person, for example, serving for 50 years.  The military is an example of government jobs offered to Aboriginals.

More Canadians serving in good work and pay.  Opportunity.


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