More Out Breeding

The more references I see the more this appears to be ‘pop science.’  This reference seems to propose that ‘asian genetics’ can be outbred over 10,000 years.  Out of Beringia seems to be out of Asia.  Geographic arguments are dismissed by the disappearing ‘asian.’  What we consider China, North of Russia.

It would seem more likely that out of Asia or Beringians met Indigenous ‘North Americans’ and genetics intermingled creating the more ‘European’ genetics and masking what we may consider ‘Asian’ genetics. 

Since we all came out of Africa, usually considered North Africa to Europe, it would be strange that ‘Asian’ genetics would disappear or not present 10,000 years ago.  If this is the route there would be asian traces in addition to European.  Maybe space aliens landed  gave these immigrations a lift on their space ship to North America after breeding genetics from space aliens?


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